I am a Christian, single mom, and a teacher. I actually started this blog as part of a requirement for a class I was taking. It wasn't until I got ADDICTED to Pinterest, and started Blog-hopping that I decided to actually keep up with mine. I hope you find something you can use, and something you can contribute! Make it a great day!!!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Very First Post!

I don't think any of you know this but the reason I am creating this blog is for a class I am taking.  In fact, the main reason I took the class was to learn how to create one.  What you see here is my personal blog.  I am ecstatic to have a place where I can potentially have all the bits and pieces of my life fall into some order.  As you know, I am very type A; I love organization, and lists. Now I have a place where all my different ideas can be centralized and shared.  Not only that, but you all will be able to comment on them, help me improve them, and maybe, just maybe, learn something.  :)

Up, Up, and Away!

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