I am a Christian, single mom, and a teacher. I actually started this blog as part of a requirement for a class I was taking. It wasn't until I got ADDICTED to Pinterest, and started Blog-hopping that I decided to actually keep up with mine. I hope you find something you can use, and something you can contribute! Make it a great day!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Linky Party

I'm taking the plunge!!! No, not into a nice cool pool. (Though that is where those of us in WI would like to be!) I mean the plunge into the world of Linky Parties!!! This one sounded perfect for my maiden voyage. Heee Heee It's the Newbie Blog Hoppers Hop! What a great way to get to know and support one another! I hope you link up and share: 1.what state you are in 2.your current teaching position 3.your teaching experience 4.when you started blogging 5.share a blogging tip / blogging resource 1. I am in Wisconsin. 2. I JUST found out I've been laid off from my Title 1 position. (Thanks to all the politicians who think education doesn't need ANY money!) 3. I've been teaching since 2001. I've taught middle school SE, 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 1-12 Title 1. 4. I started blogging about 9 months ago for a class I was taking, but only got "serious" about it this summer. 5. The newest resource I've found is blogaholicnetwork.com. They describe themselves as, "Blogaholic Social Network is a community where bloggers can connect to seek and share resources, knowledge, guidance, and ideas about blogging."

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


A giveaway just because it's so unbelievably hot?!?! UHHHHH, yes please! Check this one out at JD's Rockin' Readers! Giveaway Guess you'll have to cut and paste. SORRY! http://jdsrockinreaders.blogspot.com/2012/07/dog-days-of-summer-7-days-of-giveaways.html

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Direct Link in a Comment

What is it we teach our kids... "If you don't get it right the first time, try again!" So, I did. And guess what?! It worked! I have no idea what I was doing wrong since I can't do a thing with HTML code. Thankfully, Kristen over at Ladybug's Teacher Files has some great directions! I'm going to try to create a link for those now. (I emphasize try. )

Friday, July 13, 2012

Direct Link in a Comment

I'm trying to follow directions for, "Leaving a direct link to your blog in a comment." They can be found at www.ladybugsteacherfiles.com If it works you should see my blog name in bold and be able to click on it. Here goes!! pray,live,learn,change,grow
Check out Mrs. MC's HUGE giveaway here.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bargain Shopper 101

I know, I know, "Again already?"!  But I just COULD NOT WAIT to share with you the bargains I found at our local Dollar Store and Target!!!!  Can you hear me giggling?!?!  Since I found so many things at the Dollar Store I had to number them in the pics.  1. Jumbo Paper Coins: 5 pennies, 4 nickels, 5 dimes, 4 quarters, 1 half-dollar, 1dollar - These would be great for laminating and using in a pocket chart center.
2.  Tangrams: Thick cardboard 4 puzzle sets, 7 pieces in each set, includes 32 puzzle solutions  You could glue thin magnets to the backs and the kids could use them on a metal surface.  It would be easier to make the picture puzzles that way.  3. Magnetic Drawing Board: The screen is about the span of your hand.  It's not super sturdy, but it draws well.  It'll be great for a Working With Words center.  4. & 5. Sentence Builders: Each pack contains 30.  They are 8 inches x 2 inches.  The first one in the red pack says, "My Turtle . . . loves the rain."  They'll be great in a Working With Words center or even a writing center.  They can be rearranged in a small pocket chart.  6. Word Strips: Contains 30 - 10 blue, 10 red, 10 yellow.  7. Magnetic Wooden Numbers: Includes 26 numbers with math symbols.  I plan to put them in one of those plastic bead/embroidery floss boxes with a cookie sheet for a math center.  8. Mini Wipe-Off Clocks - Contains 5 sheets with 4 on each.  Write the digital time and have the kids draw the hands on or reverse.  9. Mini Wipe-Off Clocks - Contains 5 sheets with 3 on each.  Write the hands on the clock and have the kids write the words in 3 different ways.  ie.  3:15, Three-Fifteen, Quarter-After-Three.  Or, write the digital time on one of the lines and have the kids write two other ways and draw the hands.  10. Memo Pads - 275 notes of different size and shape on a plastic backing with holes punched in.  These will be GREAT in those teacher's notebooks that are circulating right now.  11. Mini Wipe-Off Clocks - Contains 5 sheets with 1 on each.

Now for just a couple of my scores from the Target Dollar Spot.  Dr Seuss erasers - I'm going to use these as game board pieces for homemade games.  I LOVE these bookmarks .  Here's why, I teach the kids to use them when discussing a book as a group.  If they want their group to look at a certain line instead of saying, "Paragraph 2, line 4."  They just say, "Top (line the book mark up with the top of the page), 3 1/2."  Meaning, the sentence they are talking about is found at the 3 1/2 mark when they line the book mark up with the top of the page.  If it's a tall book they just do, "bottom, 4 1/2".  In the last picture you see alphabet stickers.  There's 1 set shown in front and 2 different sets on back.  Finally, the mini pocket charts - This year they are 21 inches x 14.5 inches.  I plan on making the mini pvc pocket chart stands I've seen.  I'll post pics in the next few days!

Hope you've seen something you can use!  Leave comments with any new ideas.  

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bargain Shopper 101

My mom, sister, and best friend all say I have super natural bargain shopper powers. Whenever they are looking for something specific, special, or unusual they let me know and I almost always find it within a couple of days on a really great sale. What can I say, it's a gift! :) So, I thought I'd spread the love and make a Bargain Shopper 101 series! This first post will just be VERY simple advice. I'll get more specific later and I'll even post great finds so you can run out and get them too!
 * Most stores use what they call "end caps" for their general clearance. End caps are the very small shelves at the end of an aisle.  These clearance end caps will almost NEVER be down the main aisle.  Target uses clearance end caps in their office, food, health and beauty, toys, shoe, and home goods aisles.  Wal-Mart end caps are often in their office, health and beauty, toys, home goods, and shoes.
* Most stores also have a large area for seasonal clearance.  In these areas I NEVER buy unless it is 50% off or more.  Last year at Target I scored TONS of the summer stuff (collapsing baskets, roll-up beach blankets, telescoping marshmallow rosters, drink bottles etc.) for 75% off!!!
* Target also has that great Dollar Spot.  When they switch over to the new stuff (every 6 weeks or so?) the old stuff goes on 50-75% off!  Keep your eyes peeled!
Oooohhhhh!  I have so much more to tell you!!!!  I guess that's enough for now.  More to come!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I think I'll make this my "button".  Hope it works!

Alright, so I've decided to give blogging another try.  Especially since discovering, and becoming addicted to Pinterest!  Anyway, I want to share with you an amazing deal currently on Vistaprint.  I ordered a small banner (1 1/2 ft X 3ft ?) for FREE!!!!  All I had to pay was shipping ($7.95?)!!!  If I do this right you should be able to see/click to see below.  There are all kinds of other things you can get for free too (just the cost of  shipping)!  see/click to see